Dan C. Review of Indivijual

I had big doubts: How can they make a custom frame for my hard-to-fit face from 1000 miles away?

I have an "uneven" nose that has made every pair of glasses I've owned very uncomfortable.

So I was doing research on custom glasses. I learned about Tom Davies and lndivijual. I was apprehensive to do the measurements myself so I went with TD. But their process didn't use a mold of my nose like lndivijual. Their frames look nice but don't fit my nose and are not comfortable, so I don't wear them.

So after interrogating Randy Barnett, CEO of lndivijual about my problem nose and learning how they use the clay mold of my nose to create nose pads that follow the actual contours of my nose, I decided to try lndivijual.

After receiving their fit kit and the nose mold I learned there was nothing to it. My wife took the photos and measurements they needed. Nose mold takes about 4 minutes.