Kim S. B. Review of Indivijual

I was skeptical... I've had a life-long problem with sunglasses. Never have I found a pair that actually fit.

I have a very shallow nose bridge and high cheeks. The nose pads never even touched my nose and the frame bottoms below the lenses always rested on my cheeks. The only way I could keep a frame on was to severely bend the earpieces behind my ears.

After wearing any pair of sunglasses for an hour or so my ears would be sore and there would be red marks on my cheeks where the frame bottoms sat. It was a real pain.

But when I received lndivijual's Fit Kit I began to feel some hope. Step by step instructions led me through their comprehensive process of taking photos, measurements and even making a clay mold of my nose. It was really pretty easy.

By the time I dropped the Fit Kit back in the mail (lndivijual provided return postage) I was thinking maybe I would finally have sunglasses that fit.

During their creative process lndivijual sent me three presentations for my review & approval. It was an amazing process.

Indivijual came up with a design that fits my Asian face perfectly and looks awesome! I love these sunglasses.

-- Kim S. B., Real Estate