Suzi O. Review of Indivijual

I'd never heard of lndivijual Custom Eyewear so I was apprehensive about doing business with an online company I'd never heard of.

But I had been looking for a customized fit for my eyeglasses and a more flattering look than the standard frames that were available in my size. And I could not find the favorite styles that have been on my wish list for years.

So I looked up the Better Business Bureau report on Indivijual. Indivijual has an A+ rating. I learned that unlike some so-called "consumer complaint" websites that post anything an anonymous person sends them, the Better Business Bureau actually investigates complaints filed against businesses and their BBB ratings reflect their investigations.

After checking out Indivijual with the Better Business Bureau I called them and talked to Randy Barnett, the company's founder and CEO. I had quite a list of questions about the custom process and how they determine the right size to design a custom frame.

I sent Randy photos of the style I wanted to have made and he confirmed that they could make that style in the size I needed. I was tickled that they actually had me put lipstick on my nose and make a mold of my nose with clay. But Randy explained how that nose mold works to create the precision fit of my custom frame.

--Suzi 0., IT Professional